Chasing a Bullet

by Douglas Logedi in Literature Publishered by: Writers Guild kenya

Chasing a Bullet Details

Chasing a Bullet is a crime thriller focused on the history and development of terrorism in the East African country of Kenya. The story is about a family, which affects and is affected by terrorism in different ways. While the story is mainly fictional, it contains thoroughly researched information, which closely borders the truth about terrorism in the country and the region at large. The story is also founded on real terrorism events that happened in Kenya since the late 1990s with a systematic recollection of the history and development of crime in Kenya. Set in the small town of Bomet in the Rift Valley region of Kenya, Chasing a Bullet will take you through a roller coaster of emotions, fears, love, resentment, and ultimately, education about terrorism and its motives. Expect to be entertained, scared, shocked, and educated about the meaning of the small things that criminals do and how they are organized.