money market fund calculator Kenya

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money market fund calculator kenya


Investment Calculator

Old Mutual › regular-income-invest...
This calculation is based on the past performance of the Money Market Fund. We have applied the most recent rates. Note that past performance is not necessarily ...

Money Market Account Calculator

Kohler Credit Union › resources › calculators
Our money market account calculator is a great tool to help you estimate the potential interest earnings on your account balance. If you want to learn more ...

Money Market Account Calculator

Forbes › advisor › banking › money-...
30 Aug 2023 — Money market accounts grow with interest to help you save. Use our money market calculator to see how much interest you can earn with this ...
People also ask
How is money market fund calculated?
How much will $10 000 make in a money market account?
How much do I earn in money market fund?
Do money market funds pay monthly?

Compound Interest Calculators

Africas Pocket › calculators
Your savings and investments can grow more quickly over time through the magic of compounding. Use the compound interest calculator below to see how big of a ...

Money Market Fund Calculator - Enwealth Capital

Enwealth Financial Services › capital › money-market-fund-...
Take the first step toward financial security with our money market fund. Open an account now and enjoy the benefits of a low-risk, high-liquidity investment ...

Financial Calculator - Nairobi
Capital Markets Authority › financial-calculator
The Financial Calculator is developed solely for the purpose of assisting Investors to speculate their possible earnings. Back To Top.

Money Market Account Calculator

Purdue Federal Credit Union › Savings-Calculators › M...
Crunch the numbers to see how a money market account can help you save. See how your balance and APY can result in bigger earnings.

Savings Calculator - NCBA Bank

NCBA Bank › savings-calculator
Save and grow with NCBA. Save cash and reach your goal with our Saving Calculator that will help you save smart and safely. I want to:.

Build your Wealth with Investment & Savings Plans

Old Mutual › personal-investment-ca...
Investment Calculator. Get an estimate of the growth of your investment over a ... This calculation is based on the past performance of the Money Market Fund.

Zimele Advisor

Zimele Asset Management › advisor
Zimele Income Calculator. Calculate how much your savings can generate as a monthly income. Note: Average rate of 9% used.
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CIC Money Market Fund

CIC Kenya › mmf
23 Nov 2023 — High degree of capital stability with limited risk. A short-term parking bay for surplus funds particularly in times of market volatility.

Money Market Account Calculator

Omni Calculator › finance › money-m...
5 Jun 2023 — Money market account calculator is a tool that finds the return you get from this type of bank account.

Simple Savings Calculator

Bankrate › Banking › Savings
You can find the best rates on CDs, checking, savings and money market accounts. If you already know what you'll be earning, enter the interest rate. Make sure ...

Compound Interest Calculator (Investment planning estimate)

Etica Capital Ltd › calculator
Compound Interest Calculator (Investment planning estimate). Initial amount ... Open Account · Financials. This website uses cookies. We use cookies to analyze ...

Money Market Account Calculator

Mortgage Calculator › calcs › money-...
Estimate the interest earned on a lump sum investment into a money market account using this calculator. In addition to displaying nominal returns, you can also ...

Investment Return & Growth Calculator

SmartAsset › investing › investment-calcula...
Index funds: This asset is a portfolio of stocks or bonds that tracks a market index. It tends to have lower expenses and fees when compared with actively ...

Money Market Account Calculator

CreditDonkey › money-market-accou...
How much interest will your money market account earn? Use this free calculator to see how your money will grow over time.

Savings Calculator, Fixed Deposit Calculator - KCB Bank

KCB Bank › savings-calculator
Are you trying to achieve a financial goal? Use the savings calculator to find out how much you would earn if you start saving for your future with KCB.

How to calculate the CIC Money Market Fund return - revisited

YouTube · Nash Thuo
23.4K+ views · 4 years ago

... management fees or not. The Telegram Channel below has a link to a Free Compound Interest Calculator Bot!

Money Market Yield: Definition, Calculation, and Example

Investopedia › terms › money-marke...
Money market yield is calculated by taking the holding period yield and multiplying it by a 360-day bank year divided by days to maturity. It can also be ...

Money Market Account Calculator

Banzai › wellness › resources › money-mar...
How It Works. Money market accounts (MMAs) typically offer higher interest rates than traditional savings accounts. There can be, however, service fees if your ...

SC Shilingi Funds – Invest in Money Market Funds

Standard Chartered › investments › sc-shilingi-funds
Invest while you save! SC Shilingi funds help to invest daily, weekly, or monthly in short-term money market funds that give you an attractive rate of ...

Surge Money Market Calculator
Honor Credit Union › Calculators
Use our free calculators to determine how much you could earn with our free high yield money market savings account. Our Surge Money Market, Amplify Money ...

Compound Interest Calculator

NerdWallet › Banking
2 Jan 2024 — ... . ALSO CONSIDER: Savings Calculator || Emergency Fund Calculator || CD Calculator. Savings. Cash Management. CD. Checking. Money Market.

Zimele Savings Plan

Zimele Asset Management › savings-plan
The fund is licensed and regulated by Capital Markets Authority (CMA). Types of ... Savings Time Calculator​. Calculate how long it will take to reach your ...

TechPawa - CIC Money Market Fund, Fund Calculator

Facebook · TechPawa
1 year ago
TechPawa's post · CIC Money Market Fund, Fund Calculator, Interest Rate, Contacts CIC Money Market Fund CIC Money Market · Fadhili loan apk, ...

Compound Interest Calculator

Bankrate › Banking › Savings
Use's free tools, expert analysis, and award-winning content to make smarter financial decisions. Explore personal finance topics including ...

Britam Money Market Fund - Grow Your Savings Today

Britam › invest › unit-trust-funds › mon...
Achieve your financial goals with Britam Money Market Fund. Earn up to 10%* interest and plan for your future today. Start saving for your dreams with us.

Compound Interest Calculator › calculators › compound-in...
Amount of money that you have available to invest initially. Step 2: Contribute. Monthly Contribution. Amount that you plan to add to the principal every month ...

Investment Calculator for Past Performance

Old Mutual Unit Trusts › individual › funds
What would your investment have been worth had you invested earlier? individualfundspast performance calculator ... Old Mutual Money Market Fund A, Old Mutual ...

Savings Calculator

NerdWallet › Banking
20 Nov 2023 — How do you calculate interest on a savings account? ... Multiply the account balance by the interest rate for a select time period. The result is ...

Money Market Account (MMA) Calculator

Good Calculators › money-market-account-...
This money market account (MMA) calculator lets you work out the compound interest you will earn on your money market account based on how much you deposit ...

Mutual Fund Calculator - Calculate Mutual Fund Returns

ClearTax › Mutual Funds
The AMC pools in money from a large number of investors and invests it in equity shares, bonds, money market instruments, and other types of securities. Each ...
 Rating: 4.7 · ‎ 260 votes

How to compute the interest on your money market fund ...

Daily Nation › Home › Life & Style
2 Jul 2020 — d) The interest rate is an annual rate: To get the interest earned daily, then you must divide this annual rate by 365 (days). This rate ought ...

Compound interest calculator › budgeting › compound-i...
calculator helps you work out: what money you'll have if you save a regular amount; how compounding increases your savings interest ...

Investment Calculator › financial
home / financial / investment calculator ... Other low-risk investments of this type include savings accounts and money market accounts, which pay relatively low ...

Money Market Account Calculator with Annual Growth Chart › money-...
Enter the number of selected periods (month or years) you would like the money market account calculator to calculate interest for. Enter integers only (no ...

Mutual Fund Return Calculator

Groww › Calculators
Mutual Fund Return Calculator - Calculate your interest returns for investment with Online Mutual Funds Returns Calculator.

Compound Interest Calculator › Calculators
Mutual funds & segregated fundsMutual funds pool multiple investments into a fund owned by many investors. Pension & savings plansDifferent kinds of ...

Savings Interest Calculator: How Much Could You Save?

Forbes › advisor › banking › savings...
20 Nov 2023 — For convenient access to savings and higher balances, money market accounts (MMAs) are ideal. MMAs are savings accounts with some similarities ...

Savings Calculator

SmartAsset › checking-account › savings-ca...
More from SmartAsset. Compare savings accounts · Compare CD rates · Compare money market accounts ... This sets a time limit to your savings on the savings ...

Savings Calculator

Nusenda Credit Union › financial-calculators › savi...
Money market accounts (MMAs) typically offer higher interest rates than traditional savings accounts. There can be, however, service fees if your account falls ...

Investment Calculator

Bank of Canada › rates › related › invest...
Enter the year in which the money was first invested. End year. Enter the future year on which you want to base your calculation. Annual interest rate. Enter ...


Schwab MoneyWise › all-calculators
A reliable financial calculator is essential when you're sitting down to budget ... Health Savings Account (HSA) Calculator. Planning on using your Health ...

Savings Distribution Calculator

360 Degrees of Financial Literacy › Calculators › S...
For savings accounts and CDs, all of the options are valid, although you will need to check with your financial institution to find out how often interest is ...

Investment income calculator

Vanguard › tools-calculators › inv...
See a list of Vanguard funds to find a fund that meets your needs. Note ... Vanguard Marketing Corporation, Distributor of the Vanguard Funds. Your use of ...

Money Market

Cytonn Investments › money-market › cyw
Let us amplify your Investment for a modern world. Why is Cytonn Money Market Fund a great Investment for you? WE OFFER CAPITAL

UITF Yield Calculator

BDO Unibank › ... › Trust and Investments
With BDO's Unit Investment Trust Fund calculator, you can know more about the value of your UITF in real time ... Money Market Fund · Dollar Bond Fund · Dollar ...

Tools and Calculators

finra › investors › tools-and-calculators
Fund Analyzer. Automatically compare fees and analyze information on over 30,000 mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, exchange-traded notes and money market ...

Savings Goal Calculator › calculators › savings-goal-...
Calculate how much money you need to contribute each month in order to arrive at a specific savings goal.

APY Interest Calculator | Calculate Annual Percentage Yield

Axos Bank › ... › Financial Calculators
This is a tiered, variable rate account. The interest rate and corresponding APY for savings and money market accounts are variable and are set at our ...

Managed funds fee calculator › managed-funds-and-etfs
This calculator helps you check: how fees and costs affect your investment; the impact of fees and costs between different funds. For more information see ...

Savings Calculator › financial
Another form of savings account, called money market accounts (MMA), is also available through many financial institutions. MMAs generally earn interest at ...

How to calculate money market fund DAILY interest rate

YouTube · Kc Mwambeta
3.4K+ views · 2 years ago

Let's see how to calculate daily compound interest from your money market fund. Money Market Fund is considered a low-risk fund and worth ...

All Financial Tools & Calculators

ET Money › tools-and-calculators
Mutual Fund Calculator. Know returns from Mutual Fund investment. Calculate Now · Compare Mutual Funds. Check funds ...

Investment Calculators and Tools

RBC Royal Bank › investments › invest...
a taxable account. Calculate · RRSP Calculator. See how putting money regularly in an RRSP can grow your retirement savings. Calculate · Your Future by Design ...

Best Money Market Fund in Kenya | Invest Wisely

Madison Group Limited › Invest
Our Money Market Fund gives you competitive returns as you save to meet your financial needs. Withdrawals are processed in 3 working days. Get in touch!

Money Market Funds In Kenya and What To Consider Before ... › News & Updates
9 Jul 2023 — ... savings calculators, to mention a few. Below are some MMFs to consider: Cytonn Money Market Fund. Annual Interest rate 10.8%. Initial minimum ...

How to calculate money market fund interest - YouTube

YouTube · Kc Mwambeta
16.3K+ views · 2 years ago

Still contemplating on whether to join a money market fund? Or you've invested in a money market fund but you have no idea how your interest ...

5 key moments
 in this video

Compound Interest Calculator

Deposit Accounts › tools › compound-...
Use this compound interest calculator to help determine how much your savings ... Accessibility Statement · CD Rates · IRA Rates · Money Market · Savings Accounts ...


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Name Website

African Alliance Kenya Unit Trust Scheme

  • African Alliance Kenya Money Market  Fund (Formerl
  • African Alliance Kenya Fixed Income Fund;
  • African Alliance Kenya Managed Fund
  • African Alliance Kenya Equity Fund;
  • African Alliance Kenya Enhanced Yield Fund.

British-American Unit Trust Scheme

  • British-American Money Market Fund
  • British-American Income Fund
  • British-American Balanced Fund;
  • British-American Equity Fund.

NCBA Unit Trust Funds

  • NCBA Fixed Income Fund
  • NCBA Equity Fund
  • NCBA Dollar Fixed Income Fund
  • NCBA Fixed Income Basket Note (KES Fund)
  • NCBA Fixed Income Basket Note (USD) Fund

Zimele Unit Trust Scheme

  • Zimele Balanced Fund
  • Zimele Money Market Fund
  • Zimele Fixed Income Fund

ICEA Unit Trust Scheme

  • Standard Investment Equity Growth Fund
  • Standard Investment Fixed Income Fund
  • Standard Investment Balanced Fund.

CIC Unit Trust Scheme

  • CIC Money Market Fund
  • CIC Balanced Fund
  • CIC Fixed Income Fund
  • CIC Equity Fund
  • CIC Wealth Fund
  • CIC Dollar Fund

Madison Unit Trust Fund

  • Madison Money Market Fund
  • Madison Fixed Income Fund
  • Madison Wealth Fund

Dyer and Blair Unit Trust Scheme

  • Dyer and Blair Diversified Fund
  • Dyer and Blair Bond Fund
  • Dyer and Blair Money Market Fund
  • Dyer and Blair Equity Fund

Amana Unit Trust Funds Scheme

  • Amana Money Market Fund
  • Amana Balanced Fund
  • Amana Equity Fund

Diaspora Unit Trust Scheme,

  • Diaspora Money Market Fund
  • Diaspora Bond Fund
  • Diaspora Equity Fund

First Ethical Opportunities Fund

Genghis Unit Trust Funds

  • GenCap Hazina Fund (Bond Fund)
  • GenCap Eneza Fund (Diversified Fund)
  • GenCap Hela Fund (Money Market Fund)
  • GenCap Iman Fund (Shariah Compliant Fund)
  • GenCap Hisa Fund (Equity Fund)
  • GenCap Hela Imara Fund (Money Market Fund)
  • Gencap Eneza Imara Fund
  • Gencap Hisa Imara Fund
  • Gencap Iman Imara Fund
  • Gencap Fixed Income Fund

Mali Money Market Fund

Genghis Specialized Funds

  • Gencap NSE25 Index Tracker
  • Gencap Financial Services Fund.

Sanlam Unit Trust Scheme

  • Sanlam Money Market Fund (Sanlam Pesa Plus Fund)
  • Sanlam Dividend Plus Fund (Sanlam Faida Plus Fund)
  • Sanlam Balanced Fund (Sanlam Chama Plus Fund)

Nabo Africa Funds

  • Nabo Africa Money Market Fund
  • Nabo Africa Balanced Fund
  • Nabo Africa Fixed Income Fund
  • Nabo Africa Equity Fund
  • Nabo Capital Money Market Fund (USD)

Old Mutual Unit Trust Scheme

  • Old Mutual Equity Fund
  • Old Mutual Money Market Fund
  • Old Mutual Balanced Fund
  • Old Mutual East Africa Fund
  • Old Mutual Bond Fund

Equity Investment Bank Collective Investment Scheme

  • Equity Investment Bank Money Market Fund
  • Equity Investment Bank Balanced Fund

Dry Associates Unit Trust Scheme

  • Dry Associates Money Market Fund (Kenya Shillings)
  • Dry Associates Money Market Fund (US Dollars)
  • Dry Associates Balanced Fund (Kenya Shillings)

Co-op Trust Fund

  • Co-op Balanced Fund
  • Co-op Equity Fund
  • Co-op Bond Fund
  • Co-op Money Market Fund
  • Co-op Fixed Income Gratuity Fund

Apollo Unit Trust Scheme

  • Apollo Money Market Fund
  • Apollo Balanced Fund
  • Apollo Aggressive Growth Fund
  • Apollo Equity Fund
  • Apollo East Africa Fund
  • Apollo Bond Fund

Cytonn Unit Trust Scheme

  • Cytonn Money Market Fund
  • Cytonn Balanced Fund
  • Cytonn Equity Fund
  • Cytonn Africa Financial Services Fund
  • Cytonn Money Market Fund (USD)
  • Cytonn High Yield Fund

Orient Umbrella Collective Investment Scheme (formerly Alphafrica Umbrella Fund)

  • Orient Hifadhi Fixed Income Fund (formerly Alphafrica Hifadhi Fixed Income Fund)
  • Orient Kasha Money Market Fund (formerly Alphafrica Kasha Money Market Fund)

Wanafunzi Investment Unit Trust Fund

Absa Unit Trust Funds

  • Absa Balanced Fund
  • Absa Bond Fund
  • Absa Dollar Money Market Fund
  • Absa Equity Fund
  • Absa Shilling Money Market Fund

Jaza Unit Trust Fund

  • Boda Riders Money Market Fund

Masaru Unit Trust Scheme

  • Masaru Wealth Management Fund
  • Masaru Money Market Fund

ADAM Unit Trust Scheme

  • ADAM Balanced Fund
  • ADAM Equities Fund
  • ADAM Fixed Income Fund
  • ADAM Money Market Fund

KCB Unit Trust Scheme (formerly Natbank Unit Trust Scheme)

  • KCB Money Market Fund (Kes) (formerly Natbank Money Market Fund)
  • KCB Fixed Income Fund (formerly Natbank Fixed Income Fund)
  • KCB Balanced Fund (formerly Natbank Balanced Fund)
  • KCB Equity Fund (formerly Natbank Equity Fund)
  • KCB Money Market Fund (USD) (formerly Natbank Money Market Fund (USD)

GenAfrica Unit Trust Scheme

  • GenAfrica Money Market Fund
  • GenAfrica Equity Fund
  • GenAfrica Fixed Income Fund

Amaka Unit Trust (Umbrella) Scheme

  • Amaka HOSP Fixed Income Fund
  • Amaka Qualified Investor Tenant Purchase Scheme Fund

Jubilee Unit Trust Collective Investment Scheme

  • Jubilee Balanced Fund
  • Jubilee Equity Fund
  • Jubilee Fixed Income KES) Fund
  • Jubilee Fixed Income (USD) Fund
  • Jubilee Money Market Fund

Enwealth Capital Unit Trust Scheme

  • Enwealth Balanced Fund
  • Enwealth Equity Fund
  • Enwealth Money Market Fund

Kuza Asset Management Unit Trust Scheme

  • Kuza Fixed Income Fund
  • Kuza Money Market Fund (KES)
  • Kuza Money Market Fund (USD)
  • Kuza Momentum Fund

Etica Unit Trust Funds which has the following sub funds

  • Etica Money Market Fund
  • Etica Fixed Income Fund
  • Etica Shariah Fund
  • Etica Wealth Fund

Lofty Corban Unit Trust Scheme which comprises of

  • Lofty Corban Equity Fund
  • Lofty Corban Money Market Fund (KES)
  • Lofty Corban Money Market Fund (USD)
  • Lofty Corban Bond Fund (USD)
  • Lofty Corban Bond Fund(KES)
  • Lofty Corban Special Money Market Fund
  • Britam Special Fixed Income Fund ( this is a stand-alone fund)
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